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Frequent Questions

Does Aradecor have any showrooms?

No, Aradecor is an online shop with no showroom to visit face-to-face.

Do you accept orders from other cities in Iran?

Yes, for sure. Up to now, we almost had orders in all cities in Iran. We’ll accept your orders and send them after completion by ourselves or by other ways of shipment based on customer opinion.

How can we order a product?

Currently, you can make an order through our Instagram Direct message. Then, follow your order details through WhatsApp. In the future, we will introduce other solutions.

How much we should pay to make an order?

You should pay %60 of your invoice to place your order. And after order completion and before sending it, you should pay the remaining.

Is it possible to change my order items?

Generally, it is unacceptable because your order will be sent to our production team, who will start your order preparation right after order submission. Note that in exceptional cases, it might be accepted by Aradecor management. Please inform us as soon as possible by sending a message on WhatsApp to check its possibility.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

Because our products will customize based on your order, we only accept a cancellation request up to 48 hours after your order. Pay attention that %30 of your pre-payment will subtract and the remaining will be paid for you.

How long take to deliver our orders?

Actually, it depends on your order. We’ll inform you of the preparation time while you are making an order. But we promise to complete and deliver your orders as soon as possible.

How we can inform of our order completion?

You always keep in touch with us through WhatsApp after order confirmation. Also, we will send you pictures and videos of your order to take your satisfaction.

How will you send our orders after completion?

Our customer service team will coordinate with you on how to send your furniture. There are three ways that you can choose from:

  • Shipping by Aradecor Team
  • Shipping by your approved freight company
  • Shipping by freight company in bulk
Is it possible to return our furnitures?

Please pay attention when you order. Because all orders are customized, returning the orders won’t be acceptable after delivery at all.

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